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We are reimagining

We are digitally transforming the clinical enterprise by modernizing health system tech infrastructure, using a cloud-first approach, robust cyber security and application of AI and ML technologies. We are reconfiguring the current hospital centric system (Health 1.0) to build a health ecosystem of the future with digitally-empowered patients at the center, and a focus on how patients maintain good health at home. This is Health 2.0

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Our digital transformation strategy is defined by three pillars

This involves simplifying our application ecosystem which has thousands of applications, to create a solid foundation for modernization. e.g. We migrated 120,000 employees who were using multiple tools onto a single new collaboration platform, which helped us smoothly adopt remote work during COVID. We have now moved all our 52 hospitals to a single Electronic Health Record system and a single ERP system.

We are moving all our applications to the cloud. Integrating siloed data sources in a cloud environment, is enabling better security and compliance. Combining this with advanced analytics AI and ML, is enabling data-driven clinical and operational decisions.

We are building next-gen solutions that enable modern clinical and operational efficiencies for both patients and caregivers. e.g., our partnership with Nuance allows us to explore ambient artificial intelligence – it allows caregivers to practice their care delivery, while the ambient technology makes updates for them, eliminating the tedious manual record-entering process.

World-class talent with niche capabilities

The India team has a mix of experience from product, services, consulting and healthcare companies. We offer expertise in multiple technology and operational areas.

Healthcare technologies & capabilities Healthcare technologies & capabilities

Pushing the frontiers of healthcare

The most forward-looking ideas and technology need real life applications to truly make a difference. Here are a few examples of how our solutions are leading to real change.

AI Powered Chatbots

We built an AI chatbot ‘Grace’ to help handle the huge influx of people seeking medical advice during the COVID 19 pandemic. Pre-pandemic, Grace was already helping connect patients to an appropriate clinician based on symptoms analysis.

AI Powered Chatbots

Advanced Data Analytics and Population Health

Using advanced data analytics, Providence is able to empower health systems, players and employers develop more informative strategies to address gaps in care and pinpoint areas of their businesses that could be improved. The population health data repositories and tools help us plan ahead by assessing what's going on in entire populations – by player groups, age-ranged conditions and geography. This data driven planning covers the gamut from care management to social service resources.

Predictive Analytics and Genomics

Analytics on aggregated patient data from EHR, labs, wearables and other sources along with genomics data is helping us understand and stratify patients better. AI and machine learning enables our clinicians to turn big data into insights, identify potential for diseases earlier and offer personalized preventive care.

Predictive Analytics and Genomics

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