Equal Opportunity Policy
1. Overview
Providence Global Center LLP (‘Providence India’) is an equal opportunity employer and takes a deep sense of pride in the diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Providence India does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of caste, creed, sex, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology or any other characteristics that are specific to an individual.

Providence India is committed to providing a safe, equal and inclusive workspace for all differently-abled people. To this end, Providence has formulated and implemented this Equal Opportunity Policy in compliance with the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (‘RPD Act’).
2. Scope of Policy
This policy applies to all differently-abled persons who fall within the meaning of a ‘person with disability’ under the provisions of the RPD Act. This policy extends to current employees of Providence India, job applicants, interns, part time and contractual employees as well as employees who acquire a disability during the tenure of their employment with Providence India.
3. Facilities and Amenities
Providence India ensures that all its workplaces are accessible to the specially abled and have been designed keeping accessibility and usability in mind. Special provisions have been made to accommodate the needs of the differently abled to enable them to effectively discharge their duties.

Assistive devices are available where required and Providence India premises have been designed with barrier-free accessibility in mind.

Providence India shall ensure that all its online resources and websites are accessible to differently-abled persons.
4. Equal opportunity to the differently abled
Providence India encourages applicants with diverse backgrounds including disabilities to apply for employment, including for

The HR Department of Providence India shall ensure that the selection of persons with disabilities for various posts, post-recruitment and pre-promotion training, preference in transfer and posting, special leave and other facilities are provided in a fair and equitable manner and free from discrimination of any kind.

Providence India has appointed a liaison officer to oversee the recruitment of differently abled persons and to ensure that the required facilities and amenities are provided to them. This liaison officer may be reached at [insert email].
5. Communication of Policy
This policy shall be accessible on the website of Providence India ([insert URL]) to all persons visiting the website.

Employees may also access this policy on the Providence India intranet.

The HR department of Providence India shall ensure that the latest version of this policy shall be uploaded on the website as well as the intranet.